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Peter Loveall has been involved with Golden Retrievers since 1980. He put a CD and WC on Loveall's Winchester Scott in 1984. Winchester met with an untimely death due to cancer in 1986. He will always be missed for his love and unwavering companionship and is waiting for Peter at the Rainbow Bridge.

In 1985, Pete bought Marigold's Degage Amour from Maria Bates. She became a pet due to an unfortunate accident when she was a puppy. She truly lived up to her name, though; freely giving love to anyone that was near. She gave us twelve grand years of constant love and affection and is waiting with Winchester at the Rainbow Bridge.

Before Amour died, we purchased Marigolds Texas Tornado (Tory). Tory had the wind suddenly taken from him in 2001. He waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge after a very sudden ailment took him from us soon after being shown at the Ft. Worth shows the previous weekend. Texas A&M University performed an necropsy to determine the cause. Although a definitive answer was not produced, we were able to piece together the following. Tory contracted what appeared to be "kennel cough" normally associated with bordatella at the Ft. Worth shows. He was put on a narrow antibiotic for bordatella. However, his condition did not improve and slowly transformed into aspiration pneumonia a week after the first cough. We do not know what he contracted, but it was not bordatella as that was not found in the necropsy. Suffice it to say, don't take ANY ailment for granted. Tory had 14 points and took reserve both days on the weekend of April 1. In our hearts, he will always be a champion. His unrelenting love and non-stop energy will forever remain in hearts.

Continuing our tradition of raising quality Golden Retrievers, we added two puppies to our family after Tory's death. The first is Sunny (Gold-Sun's Miracle Sunrise), a feisty bitch who survived an extremely hard birth. She is full of energy and wants to be going at all times. She also works on keeping our grasshopper population down. Sunny was purchased as a pet.

We also added Bruiser (Wynde Hill Perpetual Motion). Bruiser got his name because of his size as a puppy. He was a beautiful dog who found his way onto the show trail in his second year. He loved people and wanted to be at your side at all times. Bruiser was lost to us less than a week after getting his first 2 points at the San Antonio dog shows. Bruiser waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge after passing in 2003 from unknown causes. After review of his death, we believe that Bruiser may have suffered from Addison's Disease. Bruiser, we miss you.

We added a new puppy to our home in 2003: Major (Wynde Hill Majordomo). Major had a life-threatening bout with leptospirosis soon after we got him but the very dedicated care he received from Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney, TX pulled him through and he lived his long life as a very happy, energetic dog. Due to many factors, we never put him on the show trail. I believe he would have achieved his champion title very quickly if we had.

Sunny passed away in October 2013 and is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. She lived a good life but had started to have significant health issues that spring. We will miss her and she will always hold a place in our heart. A year later, Major passed after losing his battle with cancer and waits with Winchester, Amour, Tory, Bruiser, and Sunny at the Rainbow Bridge.

We got a rescue Golden in 2013 named Trager. He is full of energy which we had to keep under control until his heartworm treatment was over in January 2014 and he did great! He has a great personality and really wants to learn and please. He loves to be with us and continues to be full of energy.

We lost Trager in the spring of 2022 to cancer. He was a lovable Golden to the day he went to the Rainbow Bridge and we have many great memories of his long life with us. We are now looking for our next Golden(s) to continue to fill our lives with love and happiness.

Trager, always smiling.

We do not have any litters on the ground nor are we breeding. Follow the links below to access puppy referral lines and Rescue groups in your area.

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